My Car Shop KITAHARA is reliable and experienced used car export engineeer in Japan


Q: What is your way?
A: We can export any kind of cars and car relation goods.
Used cars and Almost new cars, etc. Please check photographs. (We can send car goods by air.)
Q: I want to send Deposit by credit card?
A: We cant accept credit card for Deposit. Please send Deposit by T/T Bank Transfer.
Q: What is your payment currency?
A: Basically we accept only USDollars.
If your bank can not pay in USDollars, then you can pay in EURO, JPYen or other broadly used currency. Your currency will be converted to JPY by current exchange rate.
Q: Deposit is refundable?
A: The deposit is refundable for any reason before we purchase a car from an auction house. However, auction charge and banking charge should be deducted from the deposit.
The deposit is deducted from the final invoice.
Q: Do you export LHD(Left Handle Drive) vehicles?
A: All Japanese auto manufacturers make RHD(Right Handle Drive) vehicle in Japan.
We can offer you European made or American LHD vehicles.
Q: How can I confirm vehicle's condition?
A: We export vehicle auction grade of which is 4 and higher (3.5 and higher for cars more than 10 years old).
6(S) Vehicle is especially like new.
All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle.
Usually vehicle mileages less than 10,000 km.
5 Vehicle is like new.
All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle.
Usually only given to vehicles less than 3 years old.
4.5 Vehicle is in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.
4 Vehicle in good condition, few scratches/dents due to normal wear as you would get with any normal vehicle.
3.5 Vehicle has a few scratches or dents visibly.
The grade is usually given to a vehicle in average condition.
3 Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes.
RA Vehicle has been in MINOR accident.
It has been repaired to an acceptable standard.
R A vehicle which has been in an accident where some parts have been repaired or replaced.
*** Accident damaged vehicle however has not been repaired.
Vehicle may have engine problems.
Q: What is the total cost required to own a car?
A: We issue quotation based on your information such as, car name, model number, year, and options.
Total cost is described on the quotation.
Q: Can you ship cars to any country in the world?
A: Yes. We can ship cars to any country where vessel running.
Please refer Import Regularition of country you want us to ship.
Q: How many days need for shipping?
A: It depends on distination of ship.
around 3 days for Russia, Hong Kong from Japan. around 3 weeks for New zealand, Australia. It might takes around 4-6 weeks for far away country from Japan.